Ways To Walk Down The Aisle If You Have A Blended Family

Traditionally, many brides had their father walk them down the aisle at the start of their wedding ceremony. You might favor this idea, but you'll find more and more people choosing alternative options. If you come from a blended family, you may have a father and stepfather who are both parts of your life. In advance of your wedding, you'll want to give careful thought to how you'll walk down the aisle. Read More 

Wedding Packages: What Are They And Why Consider Them?

Wedding packages can make getting married more cost-effective and easier to plan, but these packages aren't for everyone. You can get wedding or marriage packages via your wedding planner to make your day complete with less effort. Learn what wedding packages are and why you might consider one for your own wedding day. You can have wedding packages purchased at a variety of price points, so if you're on a budget, let your event or wedding planner know. Read More 

Shopping Tips For Your Wedding Gown

Regardless of whether you have been dreaming about your big day—and your wedding gown—since you were a little kid of five years old and know exactly what you want or the thought has never really crossed your mind until it was mentioned to you, it is time to go wedding dress shopping. This can be a fun and exciting experience, but at the same time, it can incredibly stressful. For many people, a wedding gown is the most expensive dress they will ever wear, and there is a lot of pressure to find the perfect one. Read More 

3 Factors That Determine How Soon You Need To Secure Your Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is by far one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Get stuck with a venue you do not like, and it is bound to put a damper on the festivities, and you may even encounter other problems, such as too little space. The key to securing the venue that you want is booking the venue at the right time. While there is no set timeframe to make your plans, there are some factors that can help you determine when to secure the location. Read More 

4 Signs You Should Host Your Wedding On A Farm

One major thing that can have an impact on your wedding is the venue you choose. It's important to choose the right venue, but it can be a bit tough to make the right decision. One option is to host your wedding on a farm. These are a few signs that this might be the right venue for your upcoming event. 1. You Like the Shabby Chic Look If you're a big fan of the shabby chic look, then you will probably love hosting your wedding on a farm. Read More