Ways To Walk Down The Aisle If You Have A Blended Family

Traditionally, many brides had their father walk them down the aisle at the start of their wedding ceremony. You might favor this idea, but you'll find more and more people choosing alternative options. If you come from a blended family, you may have a father and stepfather who are both parts of your life. In advance of your wedding, you'll want to give careful thought to how you'll walk down the aisle. Here are some options that you can consider.

Biological Father

You may still favor the idea of having your biological father walk you down the aisle. Even if you had a stepfather for many of the years that you were growing up, you might feel that your biological father deserves this honor. This may especially be the case if the two of you have always had a close bond, even if you didn't permanently live with him when you were a child. If you decide to move forward with this idea, you should talk about your choice with your stepfather to make sure that his feelings aren't hurt.

Both Fathers

Another option that a lot of people choose is to have both fathers—their biological father and their stepfather—walk them down the aisle. If both men get along well enough, you might feel happy and confident with one of them on each side as you walk down the aisle and toward your soon-to-be spouse. There are lots of different scenarios in which you might feel that having both fathers share this role is important. For example, if you lived with your stepfather more than your biological father when you were a child, you might want to honor the former with this role at your wedding.


Don't be afraid to consider walking down the aisle alone. While anyone can decide to do so, it can sometimes be your best course of action when you come from a blended family. You might favor this idea if your stepfather did more to raise you, but you know that having him walking you down the aisle instead of your biological father would hurt the latter. Similarly, if both of these men don't get along and the idea of having them walk you down the aisle together is out of the question, it may be simpler to just make this walk on your own. Don't underestimate the importance of making the right choice for you, as walking down the aisle is a major part of your wedding ceremony.

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