3 Considerations For A Beautiful But Comfortable Wedding Dress

If you aren't committed to one particular type of wedding dress and are having a hard time narrowing down your options, you may want to consider the comfort of the dress. After all, the wedding day can be a marathon with photo shoots, the reception line, etc. While you want a dress that looks beautiful, you don't want one that's so uncomfortable that it ruins your special day. Take a look at how the right style, material, and add-ons can improve your dress.

The Style

Some dress styles are more restrictive than others in their movement, so they could be less comfortable. For instance, while a mermaid style is very form-flattering and dramatic, it's not a great dress for a lot of movement, such as dancing. If you want a form-fitting style that's comfortable and easy to move in, you may want to opt for a trumpet dress instead, since the flare of the dress starts around the mid-thigh area rather than the knees or ankles.

Consider the location and time of year when choosing a style as well. While a traditional ballgown style may work indoors, all that fabric may get dirty outdoors or make you feel hot if the temperature is quite warm. A tea-dress-length ballgown may be a better option for outdoors since the fabric won't touch the ground.

The Material

You obviously don't want any material that is scratchy or that doesn't wick away sweat. If you are having a winter wedding, then rayon or satin can be good options since the fabric is lightweight but thick enough to keep you warm. Swiss pattern and organza fabrics are great for spring or summer since they are light and airy. While lace, chiffon, and tulle are popular because of their elegance and details, they may not be great if you are wearing lots of jewelry since they are susceptible to snagging. These fabrics may also not be great for outdoor weddings since the bottom of the dress could snag on uneven ground.

The Add-Ons

Arguably, the best add-on for comfort is pockets. Instead of relying on a clutch or purse, you can keep your phone, touch-up makeup, and other small accessories in the pockets. Again, there are many long periods where you may be standing for photos or for the reception line, so you could keep a granola bar or other snack in your pocket if you cannot get away to the buffet table. Another add-on that you may want to consider is detachable sleeves. Long sleeves can look elegant, but they can restrict movement, be prone to armpit staining, or get messy when eating. The good news with detachable sleeves is that you can take photos with them and then remove them easily later in the day. Some people may simply like the detachable sleeves since they can combine and show off two different styles throughout the wedding day.  

These are just a few considerations to help you find the most comfortable dress for your wedding. Reach out to a service like Love and Lace Bridal Salon for more information today.