Tips For Saving Some Money On Your Wedding Gown

A bride should be able to have the wedding gown of her dreams. Unfortunately, when you consider all the other expenses that go along with a wedding, the dress may end up being less than what she originally hoped for. This doesn't have to happen though if you are a savvy shopper and a bit open-minded about where you get the dress. Before you go with something less than what you really want, consider the following options.


It is very possible to buy a used wedding dress. You can often get a designer dress at a very reasonable price when you buy it used. Look at online auctions, thrift stores, and ask at bridal stores where used designer wedding gowns are offered. They can usually point you in the right direction.

Have it Made

You should be able to find someone locally who can make the dress for you. You find pictures of what you want and take them to a seamstress. While it might still cost more than a used dress, you can have a replica of a high-fashion designer or a celebrity's gown made at a fraction of what it would cost in a store. If you happen to know someone who sews very well, you can get the gown made very inexpensively. They may be willing to do it for the cost of the materials with their work being your wedding present.

Repurpose an Old Gown

It is also possible to use an old gown (perhaps your mother's wedding gown, or a bridesmaid dress you once wore) and make some adjustments to it to turn it into a unique wedding gown. This can save you a lot on the material costs for a new gown. Don't be afraid to take it all apart to use the pieces if you must. This can also be done with a dress you find at a thrift store or on sale at a bridal shop.

It is always a good idea to start shopping for your wedding gown as soon as possible. While you don't want to shop and buy anything until you are engaged, it never hurts to look and get ideas. Remember, most gowns are going to need to have adjustments made to them so that they fit you perfectly for your special day. Bridal shops often have great sales on dresses that didn't sell the last year. These can be a great starting point to the dress of your dreams.

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