Five Things Your Corporate Event Venue May Offer

Planning a corporate event, even for a small group or company, can seem both time consuming and expensive when you begin listing all the small details you need to attend to. If you are a novice, then it is easy to pay too much and to make more work for yourself than necessary. The right venue may be able to help out with many of your small event needs. The following are a few things to ask your venue if they provide corporate event planning:

#1: Event furniture

There's usually no need to call up a rental company and reserve chairs, tables, podiums, or other types of event furniture. Most venues offer at least the very basics. As long as you don't need anything special, such as a fountain or a specific type of chair, you should be able to get it from the venue. Some even provide dance floors or raised stages for event purposes if they aren't already permanent features of the room.

#2: Linen service

Basic linens are usually included for free or for a small charge with an event rental. You may be limited in color since most venues only keep one or two basic neutral colors in stock. As long as you don't need a specific color, you are set. If you are hoping to incorporate the colors of your business in the décor, opt for the included venue linens and then use centerpieces, balloons, or other small décor items to tie in the desired colors.

#3: Sound and video help

A quality venue generally provides basic business media services like microphones, projectors, and video capabilities. This is great unless you aren't sure how to operate the extras you need. Ask if the venue can provide a sound and video technician. Many will, although there may be a small additional charge to cover the service.

#4: Catering

If you think you must seek outside help for catering, think again. Many event venues have an onsite kitchen and will provide a catering staff for your event. Even if the venue doesn't directly cater, they usually have a company they contract with for catering. This not only saves you time but usually money, since the venue may offer a discount for using their service.

#5: Planning services

Does planning the event still seem like too much work, even with the extras mentioned above taken care of by the venue? If so, ask if the event center provides any event planning help. Some venues have a planner on staff that will help plan the details of your event as part of your venue rental package or for a small fee.

Contact a venue to get started with planning your next business event.