The Importance Of An Indian Bridal Lehenga

The lehenga is an essential part of Indian attire. This brightly colored, often highly decorated accessory is often worn by Indian women for a variety of occasions, including weddings. Each piece is often handmade or designed to personally suit the bride and can be made using a variety of dyes and various accents like charms and intricate brocade embroidery. The lehenga is an integral part of the bridal outfit for ceremonial purposes and consists of long, draping fabric typically worn over the shoulder. Here are some options for choosing the perfect lehenga for your big day.

Seasonal Materials

The material that your lehenga is made of can vary depending on the time of year you get married. In summer. materials like chiffon, netting, or crepe are often chosen. These materials provide an airy look and a soft, flowy drape that is lightweight and will help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony. If you've chosen to be married in the cooler winter months, select a lehenga that is made of a heavyweight material like velvet, brocade, jacquard, or a thicker silk. Heavier materials add a bit of warmth and suit the look of the cooler season.

Color Selection

Colors in Indian culture play a very significant role, and this is especially true for wedding attire. When you select a lehenga, you'll want to pick a color or several colors that symbolize good luck and a prosperous future. Black and white are often considered unlucky when it comes to bridal attire, so try to choose a lehenga that consists of bright colors like blue, green, and red. Red is the most popular choice in Indian wedding clothing but you can also choose something in purple, pink, or maroon tones. Red is the symbol of purity in Indian culture which is why it's the most commonly used choice for lehengas, but feel free to mix and match or select the color that suits your personal needs.

Extra Features

Your lehenga can be custom made to look stunning for your wedding. Select added features like silver or gold threading, an accent border, or special embroidered symbols along the trim and in the center. The lehenga does not have to be solid, so get creative and choose a pattern that will go with the overall look of your wedding. The pattern can be floral or scroll as well as solid lehenga with a contrasting outer trim. The possibilities are endless, and you'll be sure to find the perfect wedding lehenga material, color, and design that will provide you with an absolutely beautiful wedding.

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