Four Tips for Planning the Menu for Your Spring Wedding

Getting married in the spring can be great if you love food. There are lots of fresh and seasonal foods that you can choose from. Impress your guests with your wedding food menu for your spring wedding.

#1 Add Some Must-Have Spring Favorites

When you plan your spring wedding, make sure that you incorporate some mush-have spring flavors. People are going to expect to get to enjoy some fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, you could serve grilled asparagus at your wedding or you could serve peach cobbler tarts for dessert or just offer a beautiful platter of fresh fruit as appetizers at your wedding. Just make sure that you add some tasty and seasonal flavors to your menu. These foods don't have to take over your menu, but letting some seasonal flavor shine is a great idea.

Spring flavor doesn't have to be just about fruits and vegetables, it can also be about herbs. You can add fresh herbs to your dishes or you can serve a sauce that is based on fresh herbs in order to add some spring tastes to your menu. Get creative when it comes to adding spring flavor to your wedding menu.

#2 Make Sure Your Ideas Work for Large Crowds

Second, make sure that your food ideas work for large crowds. Talk with your catering company and make sure that it is realistic to source and find the vegetables and fruit that you want to use. Sourcing enough fresh produce for a large group can be challenging if you don't plan properly.

Also, be sure to think about things such as allergies. Make sure if you are using something that people may be allergic to that you can keep it separate from the other food. Also, be aware of polarizing flavors. For example, many people either love or hate things such as mushrooms. If you are using a polarizing item, make sure that you have the option for guests to avoid that item as well.

#3 Highlight Traditional Items

When you choose your menu for your spring wedding, you don't just have to include items that are trendy. You can also include food items that reflect family traditions. For example, if your family has a traditional dish that they serve for Easter every year, maybe you will want to include that in your menu. A wedding menu is a great chance to embrace cherished family traditions. Don't be afraid to include a family favorite, even if it is not a trendy food, on your menu. Your wedding is not just about great Instagram pictures, it is about celebrating the joining of your families.

#4 Remember to Rent the Items for the Food

Finally, remember to rent the items to serve the food. You will need to rent tables for everything to go on. For a true spring look, consider farm table rentals instead of regular folding tables.

You may have to rent plates and utensils, as well as napkins and table clothes. Talk to your catering company to see what else you need to rent to ensure that everything is prepared and served exactly as you envisioned it.

When planning your menu for your spring wedding, be sure to embrace spring flavors, make sure your ideas are easy for your caterer to produce for a large crowd, and remember — it is okay to incorporate family traditions and dishes into your menu.