Planning A Wedding With Guests Of Varying Ages? 3 Tips For Picking The Right Venue

Planning the perfect wedding can be tough when you're expecting a lot of guests to attend. If your guests are ranging in ages from young children to seniors, it is important that you focus on finding a wedding venue that will appeal to everyone. Instead of choosing just any wedding venue with your own needs in mind, consider the following tips that can help you choose one that will be a good fit for guests of varying ages.

Avoid Venues with Too Many Stairs

When you're having seniors attending your wedding, such as grandparents, it's so important that you keep their mobility needs in mind. While you may be comfortable taking a lot of stairs when getting around the venue, this may not be an option for them. This is also something to consider if any of your guests are wheelchair-bound or disabled in another way.

Looking for venues that are single-story, or have mobility options such as an elevator, can make it much easier to ensure that your guests are comfortable getting around the venue.

Make Sure the Venue is Child-Friendly

When you're expecting to have children attend your wedding, it's vital that you focus on choosing a venue that is family-friendly. With young children attending the wedding, you will need to make sure that the employees who work at the wedding are experienced with having young children attend. This will help avoid any unwanted surprises for your guests and make sure that the children are comfortable with the amenities that are provided.

Make Occupancy the Top Concern

Along with keeping everyone's ages in mind when choosing a wedding venue, it's also important that you choose the right size of venue. Occupancy for different wedding venues can vary greatly, making it so important that the venue you choose will comfortably fit everyone. Having a realistic idea of how many guests you're expecting at the wedding and choosing a venue that is suitable for the event can make a big difference in how comfortable you're able to keep all the guests that attend your wedding.

Being picky when choosing a wedding venue can make all the difference in your wedding experience and how comfortable all of your guests are. With so many different options for wedding venues, both indoor and outdoor, it's best to focus on the above tips so that you can narrow down the choices and find a venue suitable for your needs. You can also contact professionals like Le San Michele for more information.