Wedding Liability Insurance: Don’t Lose Money Because of Your Drunken or Crazy Guests!

When you are looking to book a wedding event location, you may see that the ceremony or reception location recommends or requires you to purchase wedding liability insurance. However, this type of insurance is fairly new and many people do not know a lot about it. If you are planning on getting married, here is some information you should know about wedding liability insurance.

What is Wedding Liability Insurance?

Wedding liability protects the individual who signs the contract for any of the wedding venues against injuries or property damage. As a general rule of thumb, wedding liability insurance covers the wedding rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and the venue, but be sure to carefully read the contract before you sign it to see exactly what yours covers.

Why Do Ceremony and Reception Sites Recommend or Require This Type of Insurance?

Wedding venues strongly recommend, or in some cases require, you to buy wedding liability insurance because it protects both you and the venue. For example, if someone were to slip and fall on the dance floor because of a spilled drink, they may be able to sue you and/or the event location to recoup money for their medical expenses and lost wages. Another way that this insurance can protect you is against property damage. If one of your guests gets drunk and damages the location, you can lose some or all of your deposit. And if the damage exceeds the deposit, the venue can come after the person who signed the rental contract. This type of insurance will cover the damage, protecting you from losing money and guaranteeing the venue they won't have to come out of pocket to pay for these damages.

How Do You Buy Wedding Liability Insurance?

Many companies who rent out their locations and banquet halls will offer you the opportunity to buy this type of insurance directly from a company of their choosing. However, many larger insurance companies who you may already have auto and home insurance through also offer event liability or wedding liability insurance. If you don't want to use the company the location site is recommending or if they are not recommending anyone, call the company you already have insurance through and see if they offer it. Chances are, they do.

In order to obtain this insurance, you will need to already have an event location booked. The insurance company will need to know the locations, times and dates of the venues they are covering to provide you with a quote and write out a policy.

Wedding liability insurance is something that the average bride and groom are not familiar with. But it is a term that will likely come up when you go to book your rehearsal dinner location, ceremony location and wedding reception site. If you are afraid your guests may get unruly or out of control, wedding liability insurance can help ensure you don't get sued for their bad behavior.