3 Decorating Must Haves For Your Rustic Wedding

From choosing your dream dress to designing the reception menu and invitations, planning a wedding can be stressful. Fortunately, choosing decorative items for your rustic wedding does not need to be an overwhelming task. If you are part of the 2.3 million couples who are planning to wed this year, consider using these must haves to create a unique and memorable rustic ceremony and reception.


When selecting linens, dishes, glasses, and décor for your wedding, consider vintage items to align with your rustic theme.

An antique lace tablecloth in a white or cream color is perfect for creating a neutral and delicate background for dining accessories and décor.

Use antique china for the dining needs of your guests. Visit local flea markets antique shops to purchase china in different colors and patterns. Purchase a variety of sizes, so guests will have different plates for bread, salad, dinner, and dessert. Consider vintage wine glasses or mason jars to serve drinks in.

Place antique silver trays in the center of each table and arrange a few candle holders on the tray. Add a small bouquet of roses or daisies in a distressed vase to each tray as well.


Your rustic wedding will not be complete without wood materials, but you and your guests do not need to dine off slabs of woods. Thankfully, you can incorporate this rustic material into your décor using accessories made from reclaimed wood.

To get started, place wood chargers under each dinner dish. The chargers not only serve as protection between the dishes and table linens, but the distressed finish and darker tone of the wood will also enhance the rustic feel of your table.

Arrange an old board from a fence, floor, or barn down the center of each table. Place tea light candles in small holders and line along the old wood board.

Prop an old barn door up to serve as your wedding altar. Hang wisteria, ivy, or a large wreath on the barn door for added color. The old wood barn door is perfect for creating a photogenic backdrop while you exchange your vows.


The rugged, distressed, and casual feel of burlap is also a must have to incorporate into your rustic wedding.

Line the aisle leading up the altar with burlap that is monogrammed with you and your future spouse's initials. Add the date or a personalized quote to the runner as well. To turn an ordinary white tablecloth into an extraordinary part of your wedding, add a burlap runner to the center of each table. Order custom burlap signs labeled with "Bride" and "Groom" to hang on your chairs.

Designing your rustic wedding can be a fun and exciting process, but you may not know where to begin. With this guide of must-haves, you can create the rustic wedding of your dreams. 

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